Does this Santa look familiar?  He is from the Jolly Old Saint Nick stamp set is last year's (2010) Stampin' Up! Holiday Mini Catalog.  He is the picture that comes to mind when you think of Santa Claus.




Godby with Us Stamper Carole Carr made this adorable handmade Christmas greeting card.  Look at the beautiful job she did cutting out the Santa.  I'm sure she said she embossed him first with black embossing powder.


Carole and I are in agreement:  heat embossing is like magic.  You first stamp with a pigment ink pad, my choice VersaMark Ink Pad, sprinkle on the embossing powder, shake off any excess and then melt the embossing powder with the Heat Tool.  It is always exciting to see the embossing powder cling to the stamped image and then do its melting magic.  You just can't help but do a little happy dance inside each and every time. 


Did you know if you missed embossing an area you can go back later and finish the job?  I've noticed an area that wasn't melted the following day and was able to still use the Heat Tool and melt it. 


One of the most common questions I get is "Can I use a hairdryer to melt the embossing powder?"  The short answer is "No."  There are two reasons:

  1. A hairdryer will blow off the embossing powder (rut-ro)
  2. A hairdryer does not get hot enough.  The heat generated from the Heat Tool is intense.


You will be able to find embossing heat tools for less than the one Stampin' Up! carries.  Is there a difference?  Short answer:  YES!


Once upon a time I didn't know there difference.  I also didn't know I could order Stampin' Up! products outside a workshop.  So, I picked one up at a local discount store for a few dollars less.  It worked.


Then one day I was stamping with a new stamping friend and fellow Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and used her Heat Tool from Stampin' Up!  I could not believe how fast my embossing was done.  How could this be?  Asked just that question of my engineer husband.  His answer was my embossing heat tool just wasn't the same high quality of a machine of the Stampin' Up! Heat Tool.


Well, I ordered the Stampin' Up! Heat Tool right away and have been using it happily ever since.  Of course, by then I knew I could place an order anytime from myself.


In case no one ever said you can place an order for Stampin' Up! products outside a workshop, I'm telling you.  For that matter, you can place online orders with me anytime day or night, on holidays, in your pajamas, on vacation . . .  in my online store!


When you order online from Shelly, you enter into the Stamping Smiles Online Ordering Oasis!  After only 3 orders of $25 or more, you earn FREE shipping on the fourth order!  It is that easy.  No punch cards.  You don't have to wait until you spend hundreds of $$$ to earn your FREE shipping reward.   Just place your 4th order within one year of the first. 


Life is complicated enough, ordering the best stamping and scrapbooking supplies available should not be.  It isn't with the Stamping Smiles Online Ordering Oasis rewards program.  Enter into the oasis now with your first order on!


Create some magic of your own by ordering some embossing powder now!

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