I get incredible bonuses for doing my job well.  Does your company express their appreciation?  Would you like to see what I received yesterday and how you, too, can earn bonuses for a job well done?  If yes, keep reading.


In May I shared that I had earned from Stampin' Up! the Hilton Head, South Carolina Getaway.   Unfortunately, I was not able to go on the trip.  On the plus side, Stampin' Up! has the choice of getting a cash bonus in lieu of the vacation.   How stinkin' cool is that?  It was not a use-it-or-lose it bonus.


Stampin' Up! is such a class act, even though I was unable to go on the free getaway, the still mailed the pillow gifts to me!  Now that I truly expected to be a bonus for only those who attended the event. 


I had no idea what to expect, other than knowing with Stampin' Up! it would be fabulous.  The first gift I pulled out of the box was this great, black jean bag made by Lands' End. 




My goodness, is it every nice and sturdy.  It is ready for some serious use.  And, how much do you love the white polka dot on red scarf?  It was right up this gal's alley!  Love polka dots.


Underneath my new Lands' End tote, with the Stampin' Up! logo, was this great Iris craft box tied with a coordinated fabric bow.  Did I not say Stampin' Up! is a class act?  If you have followed my stamping blog for anytime, you know how I love coordination.




The box is filled with a lot of new products, for the make 'n takes the others made while there, I'm sure.  Would you like to know what all was included?  I'm going to tell you anyway. 🙂



Pretty impressive!  And new Stampin' toys to play with too.


If you would like to get rewarded for doing a great job with your stamping business too, if you would like to have the benefit of my experience and knowledge, I would love to have you join my team of Stampin' Up! Demonstrators! 


If your questions have been answered and you are ready to start your new stamping business with me, you can become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator now!


If you have some questions and/or would like to learn more about becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, I invite you to join my next Stampin' Up! Opportunity Night Call.  


The next call will be Thursday at 9PM ET, 8PM CT, 7PM MT, 6PM PT.  Click on the underlined ink to sign up for my next Stampin' Up! Opportunity Night Call now.



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