The Stampin' Trimmer accessories are now available to order!  After what felt like forever because we were so excited, the new Stampin' Trimmer was finally released.  But, replacement Stampin' Trimmer Cutting Blades and Stampin' Trimmer Scoring Blades were not.  Until now.




When you order your Stampin' Trimmer, it does include a cutting and scoring blade.  For that reason, I was a bit surprised to find out a Scattered Stamper (one of my team members) had already tried to order more cutting blades.  She is so thrilled with her new cutter that she does not want to ever find herself needing a new blade and not having it on hand.   Smart of her to plan ahead.


Stampin_Trimmer_Cutting_BladesWant to see why she wanted to be sure she would not have to go even a day without the ability to cut card stock?  Shortly after receiving my new Stampin' Trimmer, I made a digital training video showing it off.   There are many new features Stampin' Up! had included in their new exclusive cutter.  See for yourself.


Many of you know how much I love my Tabletop Paper Cutter.  Most likely because I released a digital training video and gushed all over it.  So, how do I pick which cutter to use.  It all depends on the need.  Two good examples of when I grab for my Stampin' Trimmer is when I need to score a handmade greeting card.  The Tabletop Cutter cannot do that for me. 


The other example is when I need to cut a slit.  The Stampin' Trimmer allows me to start cutting from inside the edge of the card stock like I teach you in this album class. 



With the Stampin' Trimmer, you can make all the cutting lines and score lines for my Tri-Shutter Album.  Make this intriguing album easily when I walk you through each step.  Impress your friends and family with how clever you are when you learn how with the Stamping Smiles Totally Cool Tri-Shutter Album VIDEO (View Instructions Demonstrated Exclusively Online) Class!


Give your new Stampin' Trimmer and both of the blades a job to do only they can with my Totally Cool Tri-Shutter Album VIDEO Class!  There is plenty of scoring and cutting so neither blade gets jealous of the other. 🙂


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Stamping Smiles,

Godbysiggy (1)


The Stampin' Trimmer accessories are now available to order!




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