What is one of the biggest values of being in the Stamping Smiles Virtual Stamping Club?  Having handmade card and 3D project (gifts, treats, and the like) ideas for upcoming holidays provided in the exclusive online stamping classes.  And given in plenty of time so you are not scrambling to place an order if you need any supplies and plenty of time to make them. 


And that is why Stamping Smiles December Virtual Stamping Club members are getting Valentine’s Day projects in December.  Fun Valentines’ Day projects made with the Stampin’ Up! Crazy, Mixed-Up Love Stamp Set.   These handmade Valentine’s Day projects are mixing things up by not using the traditional red. 


Handmade Valentine's Day card and treat


If you also like someone looking out for you by giving your holiday project ideas with plenty of breathing room for any need ordering and making, you will want to join the Stamping Smiles Virtual Stamping Club!


Joining is easy.  Click on Stamping Smiles Virtual Stamping Club to join now and start getting free online stamping classes that will help you prepare for upcoming holidays!





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