Do you waste time and cardstock when trying to copy hand-stamped card ideas you find?If you’ve ever looked at hand-stamped card ideas and tried to copy one, you may have had a mess like this too.

What you see is only part of the materials I wasted trying to copy a Cool Treats card from the 2017-2018 Stampin’ Up! Catalog (now retired). The card idea was cute and thought I’d save time copying it. Boy, was I wrong!

It started by guessing the wrong color for the card base which also meant for the ice cream too.  There were more scoops of ice cream that hit the trash as I tried to make mine look like the picture.

Next was the attempt to get the banners right. First, it was too wide and then too short. The third time was the charm.

You’d think the size of circles should be easy. Not so. It took a couple of attempts.

After a too much time spent and materials ruined, the handmade greeting card was done. But, something wasn’t sitting right with me. I called Stampin’ Up! to see if they could tell me what colors were used. Ah, Sweet Sugarplum! Also found out the green was supposed to be Old Olive. It still looks like Lemon Lime Twist to me in the photo. I switched my card base and ice cream cone to Sweet Sugarplum and kept Lemon Lime Twist. and was quite pleased.

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