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Exclusive videos delivered to your inbox!With more than one billion Facebook users it’s easy to believe everyone is on Facebook. Even people you never dreamed would be on Facebook are there. Because of its popularity and how comfortable everyone is using Facebook is why I thought that would be a perfect place to host the Stamping Playground.


Stamping Playground is my online membership community where I share exclusive weekly videos, exclusive samples, members share their creations, chat about techniques, tips and all sorts of other fun ideas about paper crafting – otherwise just PLAY – hence the name “Stamping Playground”!  Members love it and I am in and out of there all day because it’s all just too much fun!


But I know Facebook is not perfect because not everyone is on Facebook for a variety of perfectly legitimate reasons.  Some of the non-Facebook users have told me how sad they are at  missing out on seeing my exclusive weekly paper crafting videos that I put up on Stamping Playground.


This broke my heart! So I went off and pondered how I might be able to get those videos to the people who weren’t able to access the Stamping Playground.  And I came up with a plan that lets everyone get a chance to see and learn and do!


Welcome to Stamping Playground FUNdamentals!  This is a new subscription service where once a week you will receive – right in your inbox – each new video I post to the Stamping Playground.  These videos are exclusive and will not be seen on my blog, on my YouTube channel or in any mailing I send out – they are Stamping Playground ONLY!

Thanks for all the great videos and tips… it has been so helpful to me in my stamping journey!   – Barb C.

You make it look easy enough for anyone to do. Your directions are very clear and your speak slowly enough for us to follow you. Thank you.     – Sue J.


Now, even if you aren’t on Facebook, I have created a way for you to still be able to experience what my customers say is one of the best things I offer – my videos.  And since they are exclusive to Stamping Playground and now, Stamping Playground FUNdamentals, you will get ideas and information no one else will.  How FUN is that?


Some people charge more for this service but I just can’t do that to my customers.  So I decided I was going to offer Stamping Playground FUNdamentals for the same low price as Stamping Playground.  For just $9.95 a month you will receive FOUR exclusive videos right in your inbox every month!  Measurements and supplies are included to make it easy to duplicate the projects.


Let’s go!  Don’t miss out on one more FUN video!  Sign up and watch your inbox!

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